The Gambling Regulatory Authority is Set to Begin Its Formal Work in the New Year

December 29, 2023 | Sports Betting

DUBLIN, Ireland (December 26, 2023) — The head of Ireland’s first-ever gambling regulator, Anne Marie Caulfield, has expressed concerns about the “gamblification” of sports and its potential impact on young people. In an interview with the Irish Examiner, Caulfield discussed the upcoming introduction of a broadcast watershed, which will prohibit gambling advertising on Irish television or radio during certain sports events, particularly those likely to be watched by children.

The new regulator, the Gambling Regulatory Authority, will enforce fines of up to €20 million or 10% of a company’s turnover (whichever is higher) for breaches of Ireland’s new gambling laws. Additionally, licenses may be suspended for non-compliance. Caulfield emphasized the importance of protecting children and highlighted the need for educational and awareness programs funded by a levy on the gambling industry.

Research commissioned by the authority from the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) revealed that there are approximately 130,000 problem gamblers in Ireland, equivalent to one in 30 people. The studies also suggested that the number of problem gamblers is ten times higher than previously estimated, with as many as one in ten of the population either being problem gamblers or engaged in at-risk behaviors.

Caulfield emphasized the regulator’s role in collaborating with the Health Service Executive (HSE) and other services to provide support for those affected by problem gambling. She acknowledged the stigma associated with problem gambling and expressed the regulator’s commitment to raising awareness and dispelling misconceptions.

The Gambling Regulatory Authority is set to begin its formal work in the new year, with a focus on regulating the sector effectively, promoting education and awareness, and collaborating with relevant services to address the issue of problem gambling in Ireland. Caulfield acknowledged the significant task ahead but emphasized the importance of making a positive impact.

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