The São Paulo State Government Intends to Resume the Project to Implement a State Lottery

December 11, 2023 | Lottery News

State Lotteries

São Paulo (December 8, 2023) — After more than a year, the government of the State of São Paulo is to resume the project to implement the state lottery and will hold, on December 21st, a public hearing to present to society the possible concession of the service to the private sector.

The Government of São Paulo includes in the State Partnerships and Investments Program (PPI-SP) the proposal for the concession of public state lottery services. The project will go through a new stage of technical studies to review the economic-financial, legal and institutional modeling. The Economic Research Institute Foundation (Fipe) was hired to carry out these studies.

The future concessionaire will assume the responsibilities and risks, meeting the contractual parameters of the Government of SP, with the possibility of exploring gaming modalities, without the obligation to explore them all. Lottery concessions will be a source of resources for financing public policies.


Sector : Social

Object : Concession for the provision of lottery services in the State of São Paulo, including the creation of lottery products, in the modalities with the greatest potential for exploitation

Modality : Common concession

Expected investment : R$764 million

Deadline : Under study

For an oral statement at the Public Hearing (in person or via videoconference), interested parties must register using the form available HERE , between December 11, 2023 and December 18, 2023.


THE GOVERNMENT OF THE STATE OF SÃO PAULO, through the SECRETARIAT OF INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIPS – SPI, in view of the terms of the 1st Meeting of the Investment Partnerships Program of the State of São Paulo – PPI-SP, referring to the 37th Ordinary Joint Meeting of Management Council of the Public-Private Partnership Program – CGPPP and the Steering Council of the State Privatization Program – CDPED, held on 02/28/2023, SPI Resolution nº 4, of March 21, 2023, article 3, § 2 , item 1, of Decree No. 67,443/202, articles 18 and 19 of Decree No. 67,759/2023 and art. 21 of Law 14,133/2021, INFORMS interested parties that a PUBLIC HEARING will be held to present the Concession Project for Public Lottery Services of the State of São Paulo, in the prognosis (specific, sports, numerical) and instant lottery modalities.

The public hearing will be held in a hybrid format, allowing participation in person or via videoconference, in order to guarantee access to all potential interested parties. The hearing will be held on December 21, 2023, from 9 am to 1 pm, in the Auditorium of the Public Services Regulatory Agency of the State of São Paulo – ARSESP, on Rua Cristiano Viana, 428, Cerqueira César, São Paulo – SP. The link to follow the transmission of the Public Hearing and other information pertinent to the process will be made available on the website of the Secretariat for Investment Partnerships.

SOURCE: Economic Research Institute Foundation (Fipe).

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