UTAH Governor Rejects Idea of Allowing Lottery

December 23, 2023 | Government

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox rejected the idea of allowing a lottery in the state during his monthly press conference.

Utah’s constitution currently bans all gambling, including lotteries.

However, Salt Lake City television station ‘KUTV’ reported at least one Utah lawmakers has vowed to bring forward a constitutional amendment in the next session that would allow the lottery to be played in the state.

Supporters argue that many Utahns already travel to neighboring states to buy tickets and spend millions of dollars that could instead go to Utah to support schools and lower property taxes.

While some say the current ban is keeping the state from accessing a major funding source, Gov. Cox said it’s just a bad kind of tax.

I think lotteries and gambling in general are taxes on people who are bat at math,” said Cox. “They do more harm than good.

When it comes to a constitutional amendment the governor’s opinion has no more official power than that of any other voter.

If passed by the legislature, an amendment would go before Utah voters and wouldn’t be subject to any possible veto from the governor.

SOURCE: Television station KUTW.

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