A Bizarre Promo for ATG, the Swedish Horse Racing Board, See People Become Horses to Play Its Horse Racing Game V75

January 8, 2024 | Advertising

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (January 5, 2024) — A random person on the streets starts snorting and whinnying. In an office, a man trots between the desks while a woman at the copier rips paper with her teeth. A couple on a bus neighs while a woman at a dinner table laps water from her glass.

Is this some sort of alien invasion, or have people gone to the horses? It’s really a bizarre promo for ATG, the Swedish horse racing board, which wants people to play its horse racing game V75.

According to Adweek Network Agency Spy, in the new campaign by Swedish Agency Åkestam Holst Noa, viewers follow ordinary people as they heed the calling, letting their hooved beasts out in very public ways.

The film was directed by acclaimed director Fredrik Bond and produced by Giants & Toys, Stockholm.

The betting game V75 is the no. 1 game overall in Sweden, with about one million yearly participants.

“Swedes can be perceived as controlled, but that isn’t necessarily true for V75 fans. Just watch us during a big race. The horses tend to appeal to our animal instincts,” said Jesper Holst and Mark Ardelius, the creatives behind the campaign, in a statement.

The bodies of those afflicted in the spot are preparing for the event, which appears to be a contagious phenomenon.

“I’m excited to see this new concept for V75 grow in the coming years. So much in it connects to the excitement of horseracing,” said ATG’s Peter Dennbrink in a statement.

The campaign airs in Sweden starting January 8.

SOURCE:  Adweek Network Agency Spy.

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