LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein: Annual Balance 2023

January 9, 2024 | Lottery News

KIEL, Germany (January 4, 2024) – Around 37.2 million gaming orders were placed by Schleswig-Holstein residents at LOTTO acceptance points and over the Internet in 2023. LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein distributed a total of 254.7 million euros in winnings across all types of games and bets to game participants in Schleswig-Holstein (2022: 143 million euros). This is the highest annual profit distribution since the company was founded.

Major winnings, including record winnings

There were a total of five new millionaires, one of which was a participant in the Eurojackpot lottery on June 23, 2023, with a winnings of 120 million euros, the highest winnings that LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein has ever paid out (previous record amount: almost 31, 1 million euros on January 25, 2017 in the lottery LOTTO 6aus49). Schleswig-Holstein is also at the top in a country comparison.
Second place in the Schleswig-Holstein winners ranking goes to a player from southeastern Schleswig-Holstein with a winnings of around 7.8 million euros. On February 6, 2023, he scored six numbers with the matching super number in the LOTTO 6aus49 lottery and shared the accrued jackpot of a good 15.6 million euros with a player from Saarland.

Glücksland Schleswig-Holstein

According to the Glücksatlas 2023, the people of Schleswig-Holstein are the happiest residents in Germany for the eleventh time in a row and LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein is contributing to this: this year, in addition to the million-dollar winnings, there were many other major prizes. A total of 52 winnings of 50,000 euros and more were achieved across all types of games and bets. The “happiest districts” with the most lucky people are Pinneberg and Ostholstein with 7 big wins, closely followed by the Stormarn district and the city of Kiel with 6 big wins each.

The most big wins were in the Eurojackpot lottery with 19 and in LOTTO 6aus49 with 9 big wins. The maximum win in the additional lottery SUPER 6 of 100,000 euros was achieved a total of 6 times and at least one Schleswig-Holsteiner was also able to win the jackpot in the additional lottery Game 77.

Sales – Pleasing development particularly at Eurojackpot and BIN GO!

In total, LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein collected 340.9 million euros in the 52 event weeks last year (2022: 323 million euros). The company was able to increase sales by 5% compared to the previous year. This is particularly due to the growing popularity of the European lottery Eurojackpot, co-organized by LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein. The stake in Eurojackpot increased by over 15% compared to the previous year, from EUR 59 million to EUR 68 million, which is due to the good jackpot phases in 2023 and the introduction of the second draw on Tuesday in 2022. Eurojackpot is still the second most popular lottery in the LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein product portfolio (behind LOTTO 6aus49).
The development of the BIN GO lottery is also positive. , the proceeds of which benefit, among other things, nature and environmental protection as well as development cooperation in the sense of Agenda 21. Last year, the gaming stakes amounted to 20.9 million euros
(2022: 16.6 million euros), of which around 5.2 million euros were made available to the state of Schleswig-Holstein for sustainable project funding. Due to the positive development in use, around 1 million euros more were available to support environmental and nature conservation projects than in the previous year.
Across all lotteries, Schleswig-Holsteiners spent an average of 9.16 euros per ticket last year.

The digital game offering on also continued to attract increasing interest in 2023. The online offering generated around 33.9 million euros in gaming stakes last year. The number of game orders in 2023 amounted to 4.2 million (2022: 3.3 million). The digital game offering was also further expanded with the introduction of a new app. LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein continued to support the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

for a good cause in 2023.

With a total of around 130 million euros – of which 73 million euros were special-purpose taxes and 57 million euros were lottery taxes – (2022: a total of 124 million euros), not only social and cultural institutions could be supported, but also other projects of public interest. The German Foundation for Monument Protection, the Federal Association of Independent Welfare and the German Olympic Sports Confederation – in addition to the state – received funding totaling 2.4 million euros from the funds of the GlücksSpirale lottery. Sport was supported in Schleswig-Holstein with a good 11 million euros through special-purpose taxes.

Annual review

2023 was a very special year for LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein. In addition to the record winnings of 120 million euros in the Eurojackpot lottery, the company was also able to celebrate its 75th birthday. In its anniversary year, LOTTO Schleswig-Holstein achieved one of the best results in the company’s history with sales of over 340 million euros and taxes of 130 million euros.

SOURCE: NordwestLotto Schleswig-Holstein GmbH & Co. KG.

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