ATG’S Consultation Response Regarding the Proposal for Increased Gambling Tax

January 23, 2024 | Tax

Sweden plans to increase the tax rate for operators from 18% to 22% of their GGR

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SWEDEN (January 2024) — The government’s proposed tax increase on gambling will have negative consequences for the Swedish horse industry.

Due to this, ATG, together with a number of other stakeholders within the Swedish horse industry and the gambling industry, have submitted referral statements to the government.

The Swedish horse industry, like society at large, is under great pressure due to the current economy. If the proposal for a higher gambling tax goes through, it means a loss of SEK 200 million annually for an industry that has already been hit hard.

ATG therefore rejects the proposal for increased excise duty on games from 18 to 22 percent and instead proposes that the tax on games be differentiated so that the tax on betting does not change at the same time as the tax on commercial online games is raised to 26 percent. The proposal means increased tax revenue compared to the government’s proposal.

Read ATG’s referral response

There has been a great deal of engagement regarding the proposed tax increase on gambling and a total of 70 consultation responses have been submitted. A selection of these can be found at

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