End of Turbulence at the State Lottery Since the New Administration

January 15, 2024 | Lottery News

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HAITI (January 14, 2024) — Local media report that after difficult periods marked by serious administrative turbulence and the marked refusals of the tenants to pay their operating costs, drastic measures aimed at reframing the Haitian State Lottery (LEH) were taken by the new team under the direction since 2 years now from Luc Ouanche who explains in a note dated Jacaranda 12, 2024.

According to news source ‘HaitiLibre‘ the LEH under the new management, after only two years of management paying off all employee debts. It allowed leaders to pay 7 months of salary arrears to employees and to regularize several of them whose files had been left pending by the outgoing management.

The salaries of several employees have been increased and social projects are being implemented.

But also during these two years the LEH regularized contracts, issued endorsements to force the players who operate in the gaming system to respect the law by paying their debts; granted new concession contracts and created a cafeteria for employees

The administration is currently working on two major projects. They consist of placing on the market rolls of paper for sports betting and borlette banks which operate throughout the national territory.

A technical system that will allow the Lottery to control the inflows and outflows of funds in the gaming sector in order to avoid money laundering.

SOURCE: HaitiLibre.

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