GLO Ready to Improve Lottery Distribution Channels Through Digital Lottery Panels and Create a Sandbox for N3 Lottery Tickets by the Middle of This Year

January 14, 2024 | Government


BANGKOK, Thailand (January 13, 2024) –Today (12 January 2024) at 11:30 a.m. at the multi-purpose meeting room, 3rd floor, Government Lottery Office, Mr. Lawan Saengsanit, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance. The Chairman of the Government Lottery Committee revealed that the performance of the Government Lottery Office last year On target Money can be sent to the state as national revenue of up to 48,550.83 million baht.

For the sale of six-figure government lottery tickets, both 80 million physical copies and 22 million digital copies, totaling 102 million copies, received good response from the public. especially Digital lottery Sold through the “Paotang” app, all lottery tickets are sold out before the draw date of every drawing. Because buyers can choose to buy the numbers they want at a price of 80 baht for every ticket and it is convenient to receive prize money. The system will automatically check the prize results and transfer the prize money within 2 hours for every prize, including the first prize. However, the consideration of increasing the amount of digital lottery tickets will still be in a gradual manner in order to be consistent with market conditions. and not to have a severe impact on lottery ticket sellers In the period of February 16, 2024, digital lottery tickets will be increased to 23 million and it is expected that in 2024 it will gradually increase to 25-30 million tickets to meet the purchasing needs of the people. along with improving the lottery distribution channels It is a stall selling digital lottery tickets. To give sellers the opportunity to better adapt to selling digital lottery tickets.

“Behind the lottery office The format for selling digital lottery tickets has been adjusted. Sellers can walk around and sell lottery tickets on an iPad. and mobile phones Such a method It is considered to increase the distribution channels for digital lottery tickets. Because it is similar to selling lottery tickets with a sales stall. Whether it is choosing numbers for regular customers or reducing the price of lottery tickets, etc. The improvement of distribution channels will be completed and begin to be used in February 2024, said the Chairman of the Government Lottery Committee.

As for the government lottery, the 3-digit number, or N3, is because it aims to solve the underground lottery problem. Lottery Office Will try to operate in a sandbox style to test distribution channels. Determining the selling price Including prize money that is in line with the buyer’s needs as much as possible. It is expected that the sandbox operation of the 3-digit lottery, or N3, will be ready to begin operations in the middle of 2024, and at present there is Challenge new formats is lottery from neighboring countries Including online lottery selling websites that refer to results from neighboring countries. including other online lottery selling websites that uses the results of the lottery office Including loading lottery tickets for sale. Therefore, the Government Lottery Board therefore assigned the Lottery Office Go study the feasibility of developing new products. To support new challenges and continue to answer the needs of buyers

For selling lottery tickets through various vending machines in the form of a franchise They were unable to verify whether or not there were real lottery tickets, but it was certain that they were being sold at overpriced levels. Including bringing government lottery tickets to resell on various platforms. These various behaviors, the Government Lottery Board Has instructed the lottery office Accelerate the process of notifying the relevant agencies. Find a way to proceed in order to prevent people who buy lottery tickets with good faith from suffering. In some cases, a letter is in the process of preparing a letter to report the situation. to the Department of Special Investigation to be treated as a special case

SOURCE: Public Relations Division (Corporate Communications Office).

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