Golden Goals with Africa Cup Nations Update

January 9, 2024 | Vendor News

Imagine the roar of the crowd, the thrill of the match, the euphoria of a victory: this is the essence of Africa Cup Nations. With teams from Cairo to Cape Town, from Lagos to Libreville, our 2023/2024 update captures the soul and rhythm of African football, bringing it to life in a way only GoldenRace can.

MALTA (January 8, 2024) — From the outset we have been aware of the enormous potential of the African gaming industry. To tap into this vibrant market, we have carefully updated our tournament for 2023/2024, specifically targeting our audience on the continent.

At the Africa Cup Nations, 24 teams come together in a fascinating display of skill and passion. Teams like Nigeria, with their unwavering spirit; Egypt, with their tactical genius; and Senegal, with their relentless energy, will captivate your players.


Our updated Africa Cup Nations tournament features an extensive team lineup, with top teams like Morocco, Ghana, and Algeria. The format is as engaging as it gets, with group and knockout stages that mirror the real-life fervour and intensity of football championships powered by our advanced technology.

With a deep cultural connection in mind, this tournament is designed to resonate with millions of African football fans. The realism is unmatched; with realistic camera angles, professional voiceovers, and true-to-life odds, your players will feel like they’re right there in the stadium.

Additionally, we offer customisable options, allowing you to tailor teams, kits, and badges to align with your brand for a more personalised and engaging experience.


Our improved Mobile platform includes features like Combi boost and Odds Scanner, designed to smoothen your players betting experience during the matches. While Combi boost offers an easy way to track rewards for combo bets, Odds Scanner is the perfect tool for those players who prefer to play it safe, highlighting odds under 2.0. Check out more about these powerful retention tools on our blog article.

Join the game and take advantage of a unique opportunity to attract a new wave of football lovers, enter new markets and achieve great business goals. And remember, if you’re looking for quick and easy games to squeeze in between matches, don’t forget our freshly added Crash game, Fire Crash, read more about it here.


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