LOTTO Thuringia Reports Another Increase in Sales in 2023

January 16, 2024 | Lottery News
  • An increase in sales, product modifications and record-breaking profits.

  • The Thuringian State Lottery can look back on a positive year in 2023.

      Suhl / Thuringia (January 15, 2024) — LOTTO Thuringia was able to assert itself as a successful and stable company in the highly competitive gaming market in 2023. Despite major challenges, an increase in sales was achieved again. With total sales of around 179.3 million euros, LOTTO Thuringia ended the year very positively. In the previous year, sales were around 176.5 million euros. This means that the Thuringian State Lottery increased by around 2.8 million euros compared to the previous year. This renewed growth reflects our customers’ trust in the quality and seriousness as a state-tested and approved gaming provider.

“The Thuringian State Lottery can look back on a successful year in 2023. We are not only perceived as a reputable gaming company, but also as a promoter of culture, supporter of social initiatives and environmental projects and as a permanent partner of sport. It is this tenor that has a lasting positive impact on our acceptance in the Free State,” sums up managing director Jochen Stashewski.

27 big wins, including three new millionaires

Last year had another incredible winning streak with 27 major prizes, three of which were in the millions, and offered extraordinary moments of luck: On April 1st, a lucky person bet himself a millionaire in the additional lottery Game 77 in the Nordhausen district and was able to win 1,277,777 Euro happy. June featured an incredible winning streak of seven big wins in just one month. During this incredible winning phase, the Thuringian State Lottery was able to report its second million-dollar win of 1,079,563.90 euros from the European lottery Eurojackpot . This game order was submitted via the Internet. And on Friday, October 13, 2023, which is actually considered the unlucky day, the correct betting numbers for the Eurojackpot brought a bettor 361,266.60 euros into their account. All good things come in threes: At the end of October, the highest win of the year from the classic LOTTO 6aus49 amounting to 8,449,396.80 euros was reported. The game order was handed in at a LOTTO acceptance point in northern Thuringia. Hard to believe, but true: shortly before the “old” lottery series Green Heart – The Emerald Treasure expired , a lucky person from the Wartburg district scratched off the main prize of 500,000 euros in November. The new series of Green Heart scratch cards is already available in all Thuringian LOTTO outlets and the main prize of 500,000 euros can be scratched off again.

The Thuringian tipsters were very successful with ten major prizes in the European lottery Eurojackpot . This is closely followed by the classic LOTTO 6aus49 with a total of eight major prizes. 16 major prizes were traditionally won via our LOTTO acceptance points in Thuringia, but eleven were also won online.
In total, around 85 million euros were paid out to Thuringian game participants last year in the form of large and small winnings. Since LOTTO Thuringia was founded, 92 millionaires in Thuringia have been congratulated.

Thuringia wins with LOTTO – almost 63 million euros for the common good in the Free State

Thanks to the dedicated effort, a total of around 46 million euros in transfers and lottery taxes were able to flow to the Thuringian state treasury for charitable purposes. The citizens of the Free State benefit from this. This supports non-profit organizations for monument protection, environmental protection, cultural projects as well as competitive and popular sports. In addition, around 16.7 million euros went directly to the beneficiaries for projects aimed at the common good.

Supporting the common good is a matter close to the heart for LOTTO Thuringia. Therefore, last year it was time to bring our commitment in this area more into the public eye. At the beginning of June 2023, the starting signal was given for the With LOTTO Thuringia Wins campaign. The aim of this campaign is to provide Thuringians with more information about the use of LOTTO funds for the common good. The specially created website and the current brochure offer an informative and transparent overview of the LOTTO principle and the areas it supports. With LOTTO Wins Thuringia will continue in 2024 with a variety of campaigns and contributions.

“I am happy for every winner. But the general public also won, because the lottery and betting tax revenues, as well as the surplus from state gambling, are transferred to the Free State of Thuringia. Through immense financial contributions, state gambling ensures that Thuringia is and can remain sportingly active, has a distinctively green landscape and, last but not least, is rich in cultural treasures,” says Thuringian Finance Minister Heike Taubert.

Sponsoring in the cultural sector expanded

The past year was full of developments in the area of ​​sponsorship for LOTTO Thuringia. Already established as the largest sponsor of elite and popular sports, the Thuringian State Lottery also continued to expand the area of ​​cultural funding. This was the beginning of some fruitful collaborations in the cultural sector. The Klassik Stiftung Weimar was able to receive support in its events for the theme year “Living” and the Wartburg Foundation in organizing various events. Furthermore, a unique and exemplary initiative was supported with the “Thuringian Cultural Promotion Associations Network Group”. Every month, the network group offers a prize to associations that are committed to preserving the cultural landscape in Thuringia. It is important to give the approximately 500 cultural support associations in Thuringia weight, face and voice.

With a teary eye, LOTTO Thüringen said goodbye to the popular cooperation partners and extremely successful luge duo Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken, who announced their retirement in 2023. The partnership with the two exceptional athletes was the first major cooperation since sports sponsorship was resumed in 2016.

LOTTO 6aus49 – The most popular lottery

LOTTO 6aus49 is still the most popular lottery in Germany, including in Thuringia. The classic also gave some lucky people big payouts last year. Nevertheless, it is noticeable that since the introduction of the second draw in the European lottery Eurojackpot , the interest of bettors in this high jackpot lottery has noticeably increased. The additional lotteries Spiel 77 and SUPER 6 continue to enjoy great popularity in the Free State, which is also reflected in the impressive series of winnings, closely followed by the wide range of scratch cards.

Continuous development of our product range

The success of LOTTO Thuringia is the result of the consistent implementation of a strategic vision. Through targeted investments in the development of products, the Thuringian State Lottery was able to meet the needs of its customers. A new product, KENO easy, was introduced at the beginning of the year and with the classic LOTTO 6aus49 the maximum jackpot can now increase to 50 million euros. The Green Heart scratch card , the environmental lottery, received a new design in autumn and now invites you to dream in two elegant versions. These product adjustments should lead to even more moments of happiness for customers in the coming years.

Placing a bet at the LOTTO acceptance point remains the favorite

An important factor for the ongoing success is the commitment and passion of the approximately 680 LOTTO acceptance points. Their hard work and commitment have contributed significantly to LOTTO Thuringia being able to consolidate its position on the market. To this day, our customers like to give their tips in the traditional way at a LOTTO acceptance point. LOTTO Thüringen is proud of its outlets and will continue to invest in their development and well-being to achieve optimal results.

The share of gaming fees and the associated sales on the Internet have also increased compared to the previous year. In 2023, a sales increase of 8% compared to the previous year to 14.8 million euros was achieved via and the nationwide cooperation platform .
In order to further improve the service for customers, the LOTTO Thüringen team is currently developing its own “LOTTO Thüringen app”, which will make it possible to play games directly from the mobile device from spring 2024.

“For the coming year, we are confident that the Thuringian State Lottery will continue to be successful. We will increase our efforts to provide innovative solutions to our customers and further expand our market presence. At the same time, we remain true to our values ​​and strive for sustainable growth that meets both the needs of our customers and the requirements of our society. We are optimistic about the next 12 months and look forward to interesting new projects and exciting challenges in 2024,” says Jochen Stashewski, Managing Director of the Thuringian State Lottery , looking ahead.

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