Lottopar Authorizes Another Company in the Regulated Sports Betting Market

January 7, 2024 | Sports Betting

Lottopar accredits another company in the regulated sports betting market Photo: Richard Chasko/Lottopar

BRAZIL (December 24, 2023) — Another company joined Lottopar’s accreditation to operate sports betting in Paraná Thursday (14). The Lottery Concessionaire of the State of Paraná Laguna Serviços e Tecnologia (Minhabet) is the fifth company registered in this operation in the State. It will be able to start operating after going through all the testing and integration stages with the Management and Payment Methods Platform.

The company also paid a grant of R$5 million to Lottopar. This resource corresponds to the operating license, provided for in the lottery operating regulations.

To date, the State has raised R$25 million from grants alone. The resources will be used in housing and public safety programs. In addition to the pre-fixed amount already paid, the five companies that will operate sports betting in Paraná will pay 5% royalties and 1% variable grant on top of the monthly gross revenue from the sale of bets, minus the amounts passed on as prizes to bettors in the period.

Lottopar’s CEO, Daniel Romanowski, highlighted that this new membership helps to consolidate the sports betting segment. “The State has been attractive to sports betting companies as it offers a regulatory model with legal security for the lottery operator, with a guarantee of respect for laws and territoriality. This way we are able to bring entertainment to our population safely and also use part of this revenue for social actions”, he highlighted.

“We are very happy to obtain the license in Paraná, since the regulated market is the future of the country, since Brazilians are one of the people who place the most bets in the world”, stated Nossabet representative, Luciana Macorin de Azevedo.

Paraná was one of the pioneers in the process of regulating state lotteries. The State was the first to establish its own rules regarding sports betting, one of the first to open accreditation for this lottery modality and to accredit testing and certification laboratories for the games. Measures have been taken to ensure safety and confidence for operators and bettors.

SOURCE: Parana (State News Agency).

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