New York Lottery Gets Extreme in Latest Campaign by McCann New York

January 10, 2024 | Advertising

NEW YORK (January 10, 2024) — In January, the New York Lottery is dropping the new Xtreme Multiplier Series of Scratch-Off Games. And these are no ordinary single ticket Scratch-Offs. Each has the power to multiply winnings up to 100x. With a top prize of $5,000,000. So, to bring this to life, McCann New York and the New York Lottery found a fun and unique way to show how passionate our players are for these multiplier tickets and the lengths they will go to scratch them all. Because, that is a lot of power in one person’s hands. And sometimes that power can make us do weird things.


This film was brought to life by Vedran Rupic and the puppeteering hands of Legacy Effects

This notion led to the “More Winnings Could Be In Your Hands” campaign. The star of this campaign is a man who gets his own “Xtreme” idea. Much to his wife’s utter shock and dismay, he decides to build a contraption of makeshift hands – made from randomly scavenged household items – all to scratch multiple tickets at once. He fashions a B-movie style robot arm out of a blow-dryer, desk lamp, and confusingly, a cheese grater. One arm is haphazardly constructed from unwieldy scraps of wood. One looks like it’s somehow from the Industrial Revolution. And of course, there’s a tiny, delicate hand attached to a really long tweed arm, for all his detail work. Does it make sense? No. But neither did standing in a lightning storm with a kite, now did it? With the Xtreme Multiplier Series, you don’t need to go to these extreme lengths, because the winnings multiply themselves. Plus, you could just scratch them one at a time.

This film was brought to life by the capable hands of Vedran Rupic and the world-famous, and dexterous, puppeteering hands of Legacy Effects. The campaign comes on the heels of McCann New York’s latest work for the New York Lottery which includes Giving is in the Air for the holidays, HGTV’s My Lottery Dream Home and Picture a Win which used AI to help players picture their jackpot fantasies.

“There are so many new Xtreme Multiplier tickets, and chances to multiply your winnings; you might wish you had more hands to scratch them all,” said Shayne Millington, chief creative officer, McCann New York. “In our latest ad, our hero goes wild building a contraption with whatever he could find at home—robotic arms, wooden ones, and a tiny hand with a personality as big as your winnings. Because when it comes to multiplying your fun, we don’t just stop at the tickets; we go all in – or should we say, all ‘hand’ in.”

The campaign will run on TV, OLV, OOH, radio, print and in digital coverage across all of New York State with partners like Univision, Time Out, Spotify, Pandora, and Hulu. Social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat will also host the campaign.

SOURCE: Peach.