Sask Lotteries is Celebrating 50 Years as the Main Fundraiser for More Than 12,000 Sport, Culture and Recreation Groups in Communities Across Saskatchewan

January 21, 2024 | Lottery News

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Saskatchewan, Canada  (January 20, 2024) — Through an agreement with the Government of Saskatchewan, proceeds from the sale of lottery products benefit more than 12,000 sport, culture and recreation groups across the province.

Since 1974, Sask Lotteries has been operated by Sask Sport.

Government’s Connection to the Saskatchewan Lotteries System

The Government of Saskatchewan partners with Sask Sport, SaskCulture and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association on an agreement that ensures proceeds from Saskatchewan Lotteries support a wide range of sport, culture and recreation communities throughout the province.

This agreement for the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation enables funds to be granted to eligible communities and non-profit organizations in the areas of sport, culture and recreation.

  • The Trust Fund receives its money from the net proceeds of Saskatchewan Lotteries ticket sales.
  • Eligible organizations are designated by the Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport based on meeting certain eligibility criteria.
  • Volunteer committees from the sport, culture and recreation communities review and adjudicate all funding requests made to the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation from eligible organizations.
  • The Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport has oversight responsibility for ticket lotteries in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Lotteries is operated by Sask Sport, a non-profit organization designated by the Government of Saskatchewan since 1974 to be the provincial marketing organization for lottery tickets in Saskatchewan. Sask Sport operates Saskatchewan Lotteries and markets Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) products as a fundraiser for sport, culture and recreation.

SOURCE: Sask Lotteries.

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