State-Authorized Lotteries in Lower Saxony Achieved an Increase of 5.5% in 2023 Compared to the Previous Year

January 14, 2024 | Lottery News
  • 140 big wins, including 26 new millionaires
  • €858.3 million gaming stakes in Lower Saxony
  • €413.0 million profit distribution in Lower Saxony
  • €349.1 million for the common good

Making an average of at least two people happy millionaires per month: That’s what  Toto-Lotto Niedersachsen GmbH (LOTTO Lower Saxony) achieved in 2023. As in previous years, in 2023 the Lower Saxony participants preferred to place their tips on the classic LOTTO 6aus49. Last year, second and third place among the most popular lotteries in Lower Saxony based on the stakes placed were the European lottery Eurojackpot and the additional lottery Spiel 77.

In total, around €858.3 million was spent on state-authorized lotteries in Lower Saxony, which represents an increase of 5.5% compared to the previous year.

“A year with a lot of uncertainty lies behind us. In these times we notice that the people of Lower Saxony dream away from everyday life and want to find great happiness. Trust, reliability and seriousness are important pillars that we stand for with our offers, especially in turbulent times,” sums up Axel Holthaus, Managing Director of LOTTO Lower Saxony. Sven Osthoff, also managing director of LOTTO Lower Saxony, adds: “The effects of the geopolitical conflicts are still noticeable. The fact that our customers remain loyal to us makes us happy and is an incentive at the same time. We would like to thank you very much for the trust you have placed in us.”

140 high winners in Lower Saxony, including 26 new millionaires

Last year, 140 participants in Lower Saxony were able to enjoy a lottery win of at least €100,000.00. This means that the people of Lower Saxony achieved a high level of high profits within the last ten years. Of the 140 high winners, 26 participants achieved millions in winnings with lottery products from LOTTO Niedersachsen. With this, Lower Saxony also reached a peak in million-dollar profits within a year – as in 2021.

Most new millionaires took part in LOTTO 6aus49 last year, followed by the additional lottery Spiel 77. Eurojackpot took third place in Lower Saxony in 2023 with the most million-dollar winnings per lottery.

In April 2023, a player from the Diepholz district received the highest winnings of €5.0 million since the beginning of BINGO! – The environmental lottery was ever achieved in 1997. The highest lottery win in 2023 in Lower Saxony went to a player from the Cuxhaven district with over €36.5 million in Eurojackpot prize category 1.

In total, winnings amounting to around €413.0 million were distributed to game participants in Lower Saxony in 2023.

“Being able to regularly experience the joy that smaller and larger winning amounts bring to our game participants is unbeatable,” says Sven Osthoff.

“Diamond Deluxe” scratch card with the chance to win €1 million

Since February 2023, game participants in Lower Saxony have had the opportunity to win €1 million with the “Diamant Deluxe” scratch card for the first time. The Diamond’s winnings plan among instant lotteries stipulates that a total of €12 million in ticket winnings will be distributed to game participants. “Diamant Deluxe” is available for €20.00 at LOTTO Niedersachsen sales points and apps as well as at .

“’Diamant Deluxe’ is an example of the innovative strength of LOTTO Lower Saxony as well as the passion and passion with which we have been providing Lower Saxony with an attractive and at the same time safe game for almost 75 years,” says Axel Holthaus happily.

In addition, LOTTO 6aus49 players have even more reason to be happy since November 1, 2023: The jackpot of Germany’s most popular lottery may increase to up to €50 million in the future. In addition, the luck character of the classic game has been strengthened, as the maximum jackpot can only be won with six correct numbers plus the super number.

New lottery terminals for the Lower Saxony acceptance points

After around three years of planning, the approximately 2,200 independent acceptance points in Lower Saxony will have new lottery terminals across the board in 2023. With the latest generation of terminals, all customers have access to a comprehensive, interactive, transparent service offering and sales staff have access to a modern, intuitive technical infrastructure.

“Even though digital game participation via our apps and is being used by more and more customers, the independent on-site acceptance points remain the backbone of LOTTO Niedersachsen with around 70% of the total game stakes. The major investment in the new lottery terminals is a clear commitment to the acceptance points in Lower Saxony. We stand firmly by our partners because, among other things, they make a significant contribution to the development of rural regions as independent living and economic areas. The collection points are often part of the village shops, which keep small communities alive and ensure local supplies,” explains Axel Holthaus. “In addition, our customers and their needs are always at the center of our strategic decisions.”

Responsibility for Lower Saxony

For the fifth time in a row, LOTTO Niedersachsen has successfully completed certification according to the European standards for responsible gambling of the European Lotteries (EL) in 2023 – and was thus one of the first state lottery companies in Germany to receive gold status for the implementation of player and youth protection measures. By meeting the European Responsible Gaming Standards of the EL, LOTTO Niedersachsen also meets the international requirements for responsible gambling of the World Lottery Association (WLA) at the highest level 4

“This fifth successful certification shows once again that our measures for responsible gambling go beyond the legal requirements and that our social concept is effective. For our customers this means: gaming participation at a high level with reputable and safe lottery products,” explains Axel Holthaus. Sven Osthoff continues: “Digitalization is playing an increasing role in the gaming market. We are prepared for this and are continuously developing our measures to protect players and young people as well as to prevent gambling addiction – both in the acceptance points in Lower Saxony and along the digital game participation route via our apps and our website”

In addition, the successfully carried out periodic audit in accordance with the World Lottery Association standard WLA-SCS:2020 and the standard DIN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 confirmed once again that the games offered by LOTTO Niedersachsen are offered responsibly and safely.

LOTTO Niedersachsen bears responsibility not only for its customers and employees, but also for the common good in Lower Saxony. In 2023, the Lower Saxony company paid a total of around €349.1 million to the state budget in the form of lottery taxes and gaming levies and to the beneficiaries as special-purpose income. The funds flow particularly into Lower Saxony projects in the areas of social affairs, sport, art, culture, monument preservation and environmental protection.

LOTTO Niedersachsen is also very committed to protecting the environment, species and climate at its headquarters in Hanover and beyond. In 2023, in addition to extensive modernization work in and on the company building, a solar system on the roof of the company building was put into operation and the electric vehicle fleet was expanded. For its commitment to sustainability, LOTTO Lower Saxony was awarded the ÖKOPROFIT label for the fourth time in a row in November 2023.

“Our sustainability goals are ambitious. All internal processes, projects and plans are continuously reviewed with regard to their sustainability and adjusted if necessary. The aim here is to promote a conscious examination of valuable changes that promote sustainable development and the company’s ‘grandchildrenability’,” explains Sven Osthoff.

In order to actively contribute to climate protection and biodiversity in Lower Saxony, employees of the “BINGO! Family” from the Lower Saxony Bingo Environmental Foundation, TV Plus GmbH and LOTTO Lower Saxony, together with BINGO! presenter Michael Thürnau, helped in November 2023, to prepare an area of ​​the Otternhagen Moor near the Steinhuder Meer for renaturation.

Outlook 2024: 75 years of LOTTO Lower Saxony

Next year LOTTO Lower Saxony will celebrate its 75th anniversary. “This anniversary is remarkable: we have been offering state-approved lotteries in Lower Saxony for 75 years. Safe, serious – just from the original,” says Axel Holthaus happily.

Sven Osthoff is also looking ahead to the next year: “In 2024, we look forward to successfully mastering new, exciting challenges – including instant lotteries. We are modern and innovative. We are also optimistic about our third year as the lead in the German Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB).”

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