Svenska Spel Sport & Casino Changes the Name of Its Horse Games to Svenska Spel Hästar

January 28, 2024 | Casinos
Due to a dispute with ATG over the name of Svenska Spel Sport & Casino’s trotting venture, the company is now changing the name of its horse games to Svenska Spel Hästar. The judgment in the dispute was announced by the Patent and Market Appeal Court on 25 January. Customers at the horse games will not notice any difference other than the name change. Svenska Spel Sport & Casino will continue to have a high-class trotting offer with bets on both Swedish and international trotting and galloping competitions.

For our customers, this means no changes apart from the name change. We are proud of our fantastic offer on horses, which will be available just like before, but now under Svenska Spel Hästar. We think it is strange that the court considers that descriptive words for a business can have such high protection, but obviously respects the court’s decision, says Fredrik Wastenson, CEO and business area manager, Svenska Spel Sport & Casino.

Svenska Spel Hästar offers, among other things, bets on the high-stakes game High Five, Duo and other game forms such as Winner and Place in French competitions. At Svenska Spel hästar you can also follow all races live. The highlight of the French trotting season is the Prix d’Amérique, which is decided on January 28 at Vincennes.

SOURCE: Svenska Spel.

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