The Incoming Operator of the U.K. National Lottery is Facing Delays in Implementing Its Planned Changes and Introducing New Draw-Based Games

January 28, 2024 | Lottery News

LONDON, U.K. (January 27, 2024) — From local media reports it appears that Allwyn, the incoming operator of the National Lottery in the UK, is facing delays in implementing its planned changes and introducing new draw-based games. These delays are attributed to legal challenges and issues with the transition process. The new games that were initially expected in 2024 will now be delayed until 2025.

Andria Vidler, the recently-appointed UK boss of Allwyn, mentioned that the group will not be able to make significant changes until next year due to legal complications. The delays are expected to impact sales and consequently affect the amount of money that can be contributed to good causes during the early part of Allwyn’s 10-year license.

The challenges included a legal battle with outgoing operator Camelot over the Gambling Commission’s decision to award Allwyn the 10-year license. The settlement of these legal issues was necessary for Allwyn to proceed with its plans, causing a delay in the transition.

Allwyn had won the bid with promises to revamp the lottery, introducing new games and draws, and increasing sales and funds for good causes. However, the delays have led to a reassessment of some of its early commitments, including the original promise to reduce the price of a lottery ticket.

Allwyn in “advanced discussions” to acquire UK National Lottery operator  Camelot for £100m

Ms. Vidler emphasized that the group remains committed to its long-term goal of doubling funds for good causes but acknowledged that it might fall short of early-year targets. She assured that gradual changes would be implemented over the next year, including new scratch cards, marketing initiatives, and a new Lotto ad campaign from February.

To address responsible gaming concerns, Allwyn plans to introduce limits on the number of scratch cards that can be purchased, both online and in shops. Additionally, there will be an overhaul of some in-store retail kits, with a trial launching in February and a wider rollout to retailers later in the year.

Despite the setbacks, Ms. Vidler remains optimistic about the future, stating that there will be incremental changes every month in the first year, leading to a more visible transformation once the tech transition is complete.

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