Organización Nacional de Ciegos Espanoles (O.N.C.E) Christmas Extra Distributes More Than 35 Million Euros in Major Prizes

January 7, 2024 | Legal

In points of Catalonia, Andalusia, the Canary Islands, the Valencian Community, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha or Aragon.

Logo of the ONCE website.     MADRID, Spain (January 1, 2024) — The ONCE Christmas Extra has distributed 35,280,000 euros in its three biggest prizes, in the draw held this morning, a shower of millions that has reached many points distributed in towns in Catalonia, Andalusia, the Canary Islands, the Community Valencian, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Aragon or the Balearic Islands.

The first prize of the ONCE Christmas Extra has distributed a total of 30,800,000 euros, in 77 coupons awarded with 400,000 euros each, widely distributed.

In  Denia (Alicante) , the seller  Johanna Estrella  has distributed four million euros in 10 prize-winning coupons. The same amount that she has given in  La Laguna (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) , the ONCE seller  Juan Vicente Reyes .

In  Linares (Jaén) ,  Juan Lorenzo Rojas  has also distributed four million euros. And another four million have gone to  Huelva  thanks to  Diego Martín Camacho . Another 10 coupons of 400,000 euros (4 million) go to  Alora (Málaga) , with the seller  Francisco Miguel Millán Camúñez  as the protagonist. And the ONCE salesperson  Mónica Bravo  has brought another two million euros, in five prize-winning coupons in  Malaga  capital.

Barcelona  has received another four million euros in 10 coupons marketed by one of the establishments collaborating with ONCE, in this case, a  Campsa  gas station in the Gracia neighborhood. Meanwhile, in the same city of Barcelona another 800,000 euros fell into the hands of  Mariana Siarova , who sold two winning coupons.

To close the 77 coupons distributed with a prize of 400,000 euros each, in  Girona ,  Eva Núñez Torres  has distributed 2,800,000 euros in seven lucky coupons; and a coupon for 400,000 euros each has been sold in  Seville  (by  Andonis José Villamil ); others in  Alaquàs (Valencia) , sold by  Aitor Solera ; and another coupon awarded with 400,000 euros has been given through

Second full to Valencia

The second prize of the ONCE Christmas Extra has distributed 3,200,000 euros in  Valencia , where the 80 coupons awarded with 40,000 euros each have been sold in their entirety. ONCE saleswoman  Carmen Abad Sanchez  is the one who has brought luck to the capital of Turia, from her kiosk on Doctor Manuel Candela Street. “I’m excited because it’s a number distributed among a group of very nice people, who are friends and are always collaborating,” she said.

For its part, the third prize has distributed a total of 1,280,000 euros in 64 coupons awarded with 20,000 euros each, widely distributed. Palma de Mallorca  has received 220,000 euros from this third prize; of them 200,000 euros distributed by  Miguel Ángel Julián Elvira , in 10 prize-winning coupons; and 20,000 euros that  Carmen Piza Cardona has given , in a coupon.

In  Benasque (Huesca) , 200,000 euros have been distributed in 10 coupons awarded with 20,000 euros sold by  Ramón Jesús Guerri Ballarín ; The same amount has been distributed by  Santi Ibargaria in Baztán (Navarra) . And Víctor Gómez López has also left 200,000 euros in  Barcelona .

The  Community of Madrid  has received 180,000 euros. Of them, 100,000 have been distributed in  Parla , from the hands of the ONCE seller  Francisco Ángel Valiñani , who sold five coupons worth 20,000 euros each. And in  Madrid  capital, four coupons sold at the  Shell gas station  on the M-40, in Ribera del Loire, have left 80,000 euros.

In the Albacete town of  Balazote , six coupons have distributed 120,000 euros thanks to the seller  Francisco Javier Sánchez Abietar .

Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz)  has received 100,000 euros in five coupons marketed by Israel  Antonio Avilés . Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz) , 40,000 euros of the third prize, in two coupons sold by  Josefa Antonia Galisteo  and  Antonio Serrano . And 20,000 euros have gone to  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria , from the hands of  Isidoro Vega Diepa.

In total, the ONCE 2023 Christmas Extra has distributed 35,280,000 euros in major prizes.

The ONCE Extraordinary Christmas Draw, held this morning, put 80 prizes of 400,000 euros each at stake; and others of 40,000 and 20,000.

The  ONCE coupons  are part of the social, safe, responsible and supportive lottery products of the Organization that, from its design to its marketing, implements controls to neutralize uncontrolled consumption, expressly prohibits sales to minors or consumption by credit, among other measures. The Organization maintains a responsibility towards citizens by promoting a  responsible gaming  policy with the most demanding evaluation and monitoring systems defined by the  World Lottery Association  and the  European Lottery Association.

About Organización Nacional de Ciegos Espanoles (O.N.C.E)

The Spanish National Organisation of the Blind is a public law corporation with 59,408 affiliates, as of December 31st 2000, broken down into 30,262 men and 29,146 women. Membership of the Organisation is open to Spanish blind and seriously visually impaired persons, whose visual acuity or field of vision is less than or equal to ten per cent of the normal values.

The ONCE was founded on December 13th 1938 and, since 1982, its members have democratically elected their leaders every four years.
The ONCE’s principal source of income is a lottery that the ONCE itself runs through a state concession, thanks to which it is able to carry out all the good social work the institution undertakes. The ‘coupon’ (the popular name for this lottery) provides a decent, stable job for 23,000 salespersons, 15,000 of whom are blind and visually impaired affiliates, while the rest are persons with other disabilities. The ‘coupon’ accounts for over 11% of the total Spanish gaming market.

ONCE coupons can be purchased in the network of more than 20,000 sellers, through and in authorized establishments.


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