Amendments to Gaming Signage That Must be Displayed in Gaming Venues and the Casino

February 27, 2024 | Advertising

VICTORIA, Australia (February 19, 2024) — The Minister for Casino, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, the Hon Melissa Horne MP has amended the Player Information Standards for the posters, brochures and responsible gambling signs that are required to be displayed and available in all gaming venues, including the Melbourne casino.

Detailed information about the new materials and display requirements, including the digital artwork files, are available on the signage inside gaming venues page on our website

These Player Information Standards have been updated to:

  • refresh YourPlay messaging
  • refresh the brochures required to be displayed in venues.
  • maintain awareness of help services and risks of harm from gambling
  • allow the electronic display of posters and responsible gambling signs, and
  • remove prescribed signage for talkers.

Gaming venue operators are responsible for displaying the updated materials – whether in printed or electronic format – and ensuring they are compliant with the Regulations and Player Information Standards.

The VGCCC will distribute copies of all the new posters and brochures to each venue operator over the next 3 months. To ensure a smooth transition, venues may continue to display the existing materials until 10 June 2024.

Learn more about the new materials and display requirements

SOURCE: Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation.

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