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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (February 14, 2024) – The Dutch Postcode Lottery, the largest charity lottery in the Netherlands, has renewed its partnership with Human Rights Watch for a period of five years. The Lottery’s generous €1,350,000 annual contribution will help Human Rights Watch promote human rights, justice, and equality around the world.

With half of its earnings devoted to charities, the Dutch Postcode Lottery supports 146 organizations that work toward a just, green, and healthy world, and is one of Human Rights Watch’s strongest partners. With the Lottery’s longstanding support since 2009, Human Rights Watch has invested in addressing some of the most urgent and far-reaching global challenges: crises, conflicts, climate change, and poverty and inequality.

“We are deeply grateful for the Dutch Postcode Lottery’s renewed partnership,” said Tirana Hassan, executive director at Human Rights Watch. “With the Postcode Lottery’s vital support, we will continue to address deep-rooted inequities and work toward a world in which nobody is left behind.”

The partnership has contributed to positive change for millions of people around the world. It helped get aid flowing to Venezuela’s people in need, raised pressure on Brazil to stop burning in the Amazon region, led Tanzania to allow pregnant girls and young mothers to return to school, and resulted in 119 countries committing to end using schools for military purposes.

The Dutch Postcode Lottery is part of the Postcode Lottery Group, which operates in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. Since its founding in 1989, the Group has donated more than €12.6 billion to good causes, making it the third largest private donor in the world.

SOURCE: Human Rights Watch