Lotto Brandenburg GmbH Sees 2023 as Another Year of Growth

February 18, 2024 | Lottery News

POTSDAM, Germany (February 15, 2024) — Brandenburg lottery players spent around 227 million euros on the LBL’s offerings last year. The company, which was founded in 1991, recorded an increase in gaming stakes of 3.3 percent compared to the previous year. The increase was around 7 million euros. Statistically speaking, every Brandenburg resident invested an average of 1.70 euros per week in LBL.

What the people of Brandenburg liked to play most

“ The ranking of our lottery brands is led by the still most popular game LOTTO 6aus49®. The classic’s share of the total stakes was a good 50 percent and brought in 114 million euros ,” reports managing director Anja Bohms. Four draws took place here in 2023, in which the then high mark of 45 million euros was drawn. “The annual stakes for the main product were slightly higher than the previous year with an increase of 0.7%,” explains Anja Bohms and adds: “ It’s nice that our Brandenburg customers place their trust in the LBL’s reputable gaming offering .” pan-European lottery Eurojackpot.
The maximum amount of 120 million euros for the jackpot and the introduction of the second draw – always on Tuesdays – came into effect for the entire financial year for the first time. The Eurojackpot climbed twice to the maximum level of
120 million euros. The stakes placed in 2023 grew by around 13 percent compared to the previous year. Eurojackpot contributed around 22 percent and almost 51 million euros to the total stakes. 

Where the people of Brandenburg love to play

“ Most of the lottery tickets were handed out through the 700 lottery shops.
70 percent of the 
stakes and 158.8 million euros came from this ,” explains Anja Bohms. “ We would like to once again thank all of our partners in the Brandenburg retail sector who are there for our customers every day. Accordingly, commission payments amounting to around 14 million euros flowed into stationary retail.
The online gaming offering via the LBL website,, was once again chosen as the growth winner in sales. Online gaming stakes increased by around 16 percent compared to the previous year to 22.6 million euros.  

Profits and taxes to the state of Brandenburg

With an increase of 8 percent, the profit distribution was around 116 million euros . There were eight new millionaires.

With the good proceeds, more taxes and duties flowed to the state of Brandenburg, totaling around 84 million euros . The LBL’s gambling levy amounted to 43.9 million euros. In addition, LBL paid lottery taxes amounting to 39.2 million euros. “ The common good throughout Brandenburg benefits greatly from our gambling levy. First and foremost is the sports state of Brandenburg, which receives 36 percent of this tax under the sports funding law ,” says managing director Kerstin Kosanke about the importance of the so-called lottery funds. “ In addition, the state’s ministries had around 4.8 million euros at their disposal, which were used to promote charitable projects in many regions of Brandenburg. With the help of lottery funds, for example, youth fire brigade camps in Lusatia or the Brandenburg summer concerts were able to take place, hiking trails were signposted in Kyritz, play and sports equipment was purchased in Spremberg, Guben and Schönwerder, and food banks, telephone counseling and animal protection were strengthened.

 The social lotteries GlücksSpirale and Die Sieger-Chance generated further special-purpose income amounting to 920,430 euros in Brandenburg, which flowed into the promotion of elite sports by the German Olympic Sports Confederation, welfare, monument protection and the Brandenburg Nature Conservation Fund.


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