Migrant Worker Wins NT$1 Million with Taiwan Lottery NT$12 million Big Fortune Scratch Card

February 15, 2024 | Lottery News

TAIPEI, Taiwan (February 15, 2024) — According to local media reports a foreign migrant worker won NT$1 million (NT$31,000) after buying one Taiwan scratch card lottery ticket and shared part of his winnings with the people present.

On Monday (Feb. 12), a male Vietnamese migrant worker in his 30s was shopping with a friend in Hsinchu County’s Hukou Township during the Lunar New Year when he passed a Taiwan Lottery shop in which the “God of Wealth seemed to be nodding and smiling at him,” reported ETtoday. He decided to enter the Yangyi Lottery Shop on Wenhua Road with his friend and they each bought a “NT$12 million Big Fortune” scratch card.

After he finished scratching his card, he initially thought that he had not won. However, when he handed it over to the clerk for confirmation, the staff member informed him that he had won NT$1 million.

The man was in such good spirits after winning, that he gave an undisclosed amount to the owner and every store employee present and NT$1,000 each to about 10 customers at the scene.

The man reportedly said, “Now that I’ve won all this money, I can take it home to celebrate the Lunar New Year.”

The owner of Yangyi Lottery Shop felt fortunate to have awarded a customer a million-dollar prize. The store owner hopes to continue the lucky streak by seeing a customer walk away with the NT$12 million prize.

SOURCE: Taiwan News.

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