NE Group Debuts Enhanced Defender Crash Game

February 1, 2024 | Vendor News


Wednesday 31st January 2024 – NE Group, a leading B2B iGaming software supplier, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest version of the hugely popular sports-themed crash game, Defender.

This new football-inspired game made its debut in 2022 and has undergone several user interface and design enhancements to elevate the gaming experience.

NE Group’s expert tech team has diligently optimised the game’s code and removed unnecessary intervals, resulting in significantly faster load times for a frictionless gaming experience, even on slower internet connections.

Defender now opens in a new window, enabling players to enjoy the game in full-screen mode, delivering an immersive experience free of distractions. Additionally, NE Group has added a balance tracker in the top bar of the game, allowing players to game responsibly by easily tracking spending.

Further work has focused on cleaning up the game’s assets and code, removing unwanted elements for a streamlined gaming experience. A new lobby area has also been introduced where history, statistics, and game guides are displayed. NE Group CEO Imran Bukhari said: “Since Defender launched it has been a massive hit and continues to score big with its fans. The result of these enhancements is a faster, more engaging, and user-friendly version of Defender, optimised for all mobile devices. We expect to see similarly strong results in Africa, the Indian subcontinent and LatAm and we’re beginning to see plenty of take up in Europe.”

About NE Group
NE Group, a leading B2B iGaming software supplier, specialises in advanced, lightweight frontend solutions and is a global leader in innovating sports gaming experiences. The company comprises two key verticals: NE Games and NE Sportsbook. NE Games excels in delivering unique sports focused games that bridges gap between Sportsbook and Casino user experience to engage players and enhance retention. The NE Sportsbook solution offers a rich, modular platform, designed from the ground up to provide light weight frontend with highly engaging gaming experiences. In addition to a thriving sports content apps business, NE Games’ divisions demonstrate the company’s dedication to revolutionising the global industry with innovative and engaging solutions. For more info visit and


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