Sask Lotteries Celebrates 50th Anniversary with ‘Only in Sask’ Ticket

February 9, 2024 | Lottery News
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SASKATOON,  Saskatchewan, Canada (February 8, 2024) — Sask Lotteries is celebrating its 50th anniversary by releasing the ‘Only in Sask’ scratch ticket, exclusive to Saskatchewan. Featuring designs by local illustrator Brian Kachur, the ticket offers prizes up to $50,000. The launch serves as a tribute to Sask Lotteries’ impact on local communities over the past fifty years.

Sask Lotteries, the prominent lottery organization, has unveiled a unique and exclusive $5 scratch ticket, the “Only in Sask,” to commemorate their landmark 50th anniversary. The unveiling of the new scratch ticket is set to take place on February 12 and will be available at all Lotto Spot retailers across Saskatchewan.

50 years of Sask Lotteries

The Ticket – A Nod to Saskatchewan’s Heritage

The ticket, a nod to Saskatchewan’s rich heritage, features vibrant and captivating designs reflecting the province’s sport, culture, and recreation. The creations on the ticket are the masterpiece of Brian Kachur, a lifelong resident and illustrator from Saskatchewan. This initiative, a collaboration between Kachur and Sask Lotteries, aims to resonate with the people of Saskatchewan, reflecting their shared experiences and connection to the land.

Prizes and Odds

Designed to bring thrill and excitement, the “Only in Sask” ticket offers players a chance to win a variety of prizes. These range from $5 to an impressive $50,000, with notable prizes of $1,050 and $5,000. The odds of securing any prize stand at one in 4.12, promising an engaging lottery experience. Winners of prizes over $1,000 are instructed to contact WCLC Player Care for further instructions on claiming their winnings. All prizes must be claimed on or before September 30, 2025.

A Tribute to Local Communities

The launch of this exclusive lottery ticket is more than just a celebratory act for Sask Lotteries’ 50th anniversary. It’s a tribute to the organization’s significant impact on local communities over the past five decades. The new ticket is an emblem of the organization’s commitment to the growth and welfare of Saskatchewan’s residents. However, it’s worth noting that only residents of Saskatchewan who are 18 years or older are eligible to purchase the tickets.


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