Spain Online Gambling Market 2023: GGR of €1,236.75 Million, Up to 28.38% Year over Year

February 29, 2024 | Online Gambling
State online gambling market 2023


SPAJugar BienIN (February 27, 2024) — The GGR of 2023 was € 1,236.75 million, up to 28.38% year over year.

Deposits and withdrawals maintains an upward trend, with an increase of 15.49% and 10.13% year over year respectively.

Marketing expenditure of 2023 was € 402.78 million, up to 7.55% with respect to the previous year. Affiliate have increased 21.70%; Advertising, 9.24%; Sponsorship, 38.43%; Promotions, 2.84%.

Active gamblers were 1,637,819; up to 2.69% year over year.

In the analysis of the GGR by game segments, it is noticed that:

The € 1,236.75 million of GGR are distributed in € 491.80 million in Betting (39.77%); € 14.37 million in Bingo (1.16%); € 624.76 million in Casino (50.52%), € 0.48 million in Contests (0.04%) and € 115.34 million in Poker (8.52%).

The betting segment had a year over year growth of 36.57%. The growth is due to in-played sports betting, which increased by 48.73%, and pre-match betting increased 15.30%. Other fixed-odds  betting also increased by 191.88% in 2023.

Bingo has slightly increased 0.90% with respect to the previous year.

In casino segment there was a growth of 25.32% year over year. This growth was mainly due to the slots.  Since its launch in 2015 slots has led to increasingly higher market shares of the casino. In 2023 slots represents 61.55% of the casino segment, up to 28.09% year over year. Life Roulette also grew significantly, 25.72%. Conventional Roulette increased 4.44%. BlackJack had annual rates of 9.46%.

Contests experienced a fall of 48.01% in 2023.

The poker presents a increase of 16.88% year over year, due to Poker Tournament 23.70%, which represents 72.42% of the segment, and Poker Cash also increased (2.10%), which represent 27.58% of the poker market.

It should be noted that since the opening in 2018 of share liquidity for poker with France and Portugal, five platforms have been located in Spain.

In 2023 Marketing spending was € 402.78 million, broken down into € 50.63 million affiliation expenses; € 4.31 million sponsorship; promotions € 199.89; and advertising € 147.95 million.

The monthly average of active game accounts was 1,161,126; which implies an increase of 9.80% year over year. The monthly average of the new game accounts is 112,743; with an annual decrease of -1.02%.
SOURCE: Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling.