A.L.E.A. Agenda 2024: Fight Against Illegal Gambling, Constant Training and Quality in Management

March 27, 2024 | illegal gambling


Yesterday, the meeting of the ALEA Board of Directors was attended by the authorities of the regulatory bodies of 21 jurisdictions in our country.

Initially, new designated authorities were introduced in 14 of the 24 jurisdictions. Next, they jointly addressed actions to prevent illegal online gambling and then defined internal issues, among others, the holding of the 73rd Ordinary Assembly, scheduled for May.

The Executive Directorate presented its report with various issues, including requests for the incorporation of new Adherent Members and ALEA’s participation in SAGSE 2024, on March 20 and 21, at the Hilton Buenos Aires.

Regarding Prevention of Money Laundering, the authorities were informed about the FATF Visit to Argentina.

Regarding the work of the Quality Management Unit, Executive Director Mario Trucco shared the status of the implementation and audit processes in our country of the ALEA IRAN Normative Reference No. 19.

Within the Training Area, he presented the planning and the 2024 Program:

  • The new Cohort 2024 of the Tecnicatura 2024, with 91 students from thirteen #loteríasargentinas .

  • The University Diplomas and their delivery dates, the Technological and Organizational Innovation in Gambling Management, scheduled for June. The Promotion of Responsible Gambling and Prevention of Pathological Gambling, in September. And, the new University Diploma in Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism applied to Games of Chance ALEA UBA, for August.

  • The Money Laundering Prevention Seminar on April 11, in CABA, among other planned activities. 

At the closing of the meeting, the President of ALEA and the Lottery of the Province of Buenos Aires, Gonzalo Atanasof, referred to the importance of “focusing on online bets that are made on illegal platforms.”

As a whole, the #Argentine lotteries agreed on fundamental axes to add to the work they have been doing and for the training of the members of the sector.


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