DSWV: Gambling Survey Authors Ignore Scientific Criticism

March 7, 2024 | Sports Betting

GERMANY (March 6, 20024) — On the occasion of the new Gambling Survey 2023, the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) points out that statistician Katharina Schüller’s criticism of the methodology was not taken into account.

“Despite the criticism of the previous 2021 survey, it is remarkable that the authors have not changed their methodology. They continue to ignore the objections of other scientists and provide insufficient information on the limitations of their study,” says Mathias Dahms after the publication.

The study, which was conducted by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Addiction and Drug Research (ISD) and the University of Bremen, was based on criticism from statistician Katharina Schüller was criticized. The WELT had reported in detail.

The DSWV is therefore calling for a thorough review of the survey’s methodology to ensure that the conclusions derived from it are based on solid scientific foundations. At the same time, we expect the raw data to be published, as transparency in data collection and analysis is of crucial importance for scientific discourse. There are considerable differences in the results between the telephone and online survey methods: while 0.4 percent of telephone respondents had a gambling disorder, 6.4 percent of online respondents did. Such results are not representative of the population as a whole.

According to the Survey 2023, participation in sports betting has declined since 2021. The DSWV assumes that a significant proportion of active players are now active on the black market because the regulated offers are too unattractive. The BILD reported.

The DSWV supports the researchers’ recommendation to further improve the level of awareness of player and youth protection measures. The DSWV and its members make it clear: player protection is our top priority! We therefore present existing measures for responsible gaming:

Gamalyze Players can use Gamalyze on the DSWV website to analyze and reflect on their own gaming behavior in a playful way in order to identify and minimize potential risks at an early stage.

BZgA-HotlineThe BZgA helpline offers a confidential and anonymous point of contact for players who need support with questions about gambling addiction. The hotline is financed by the DSWV and other gambling associations.

OASIS systemThe OASIS system enables players to block themselves or have themselves blocked if necessary. All regulated gambling operators and brokers in Germany are connected to OASIS, with the exception of the classic lottery.

SOURCE: German Sports Betting Association (DSWV).

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