Fenamix President Critical of the Lack of Advertising Visibility for Eurodremas

March 19, 2024 | Advertising


Seville, Spain (March 18, 2024) — Since the start of the sale of EURODREAMS, on Monday, November 6, 2023, and ceasing the advertising campaign for this game, the points of sale have noticed a drop in interest in this game on the part of customers, possibly due to it being a game that does not generate jackpots and was not permanently visible to bettors.

It is evident that the poster or display of JACKPOTS in PLAY is a good attraction for the participation of our clients, since they usually ask to play the raffles with a jackpot and EURODREAMS is not included in this poster, despite its succulent first prize. .

For this reason, to give more visibility to this game and try to ensure that all points try to increase sales of EURODREMAS and, consequently, also increase income, the Board of Directors of Fenamix decided to present, on November 10, 2023, a letter to the president of SELAE, proposing to include the EURODREAMS game in the Jackpots in Play poster.

After some exchanges of impressions, in the meeting held on February 21 with the president of SELAE, Mr. Jesús Huerta, and the director of the sales network, Mr. Jesús Mayoral, this coming week, our proposal will see the light and the EURODREAMS game will also be part of the JACKPOTS IN PLAY poster.

We have always opted for joint work between SELAE and FENAMIX, to try to improve our sales conditions, to the extent possible, especially because we are the ones in the points of sale facing our customers.

At FENAMIX we will continue working, proposing, fighting and demanding, to achieve the improvements that we believe are necessary to continue growing as mixed points of sale for State Lotteries and Betting.

You have to argue to achieve your goals.

Pep Vallori

President of Fenamix.


FENAMIX was created with the objective of representing, defending and promoting the business, economic, professional and social interests of Mixed Recipients

SOURCE: Fenamix.

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