NY Senate Gaming Committee OKs Bills That Address Issues Related to Problem Gambling and Promote Responsible Gambling Practices

March 16, 2024 | Responsible gaming

NEW YORK, N.Y. (March 15, 2024) — According to local media reports the New York Senate Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee is taking proactive steps during Problem Gambling Awareness Month to address issues related to problem gambling and promote responsible gambling practices. Here is a break down of the key elements of the bills they’ve advanced:

  1. Increased Funding for Problem Gambling Treatment (S8439): This bill aims to ensure that adequate funding is available for problem gambling treatment and education programs in New York. It proposes to authorize a 1% tax on mobile sports betting or at least $6 million annually, whichever is greater, to fund these programs. With the growth of online sports betting in New York, the bill seeks to ensure that funding for problem gambling initiatives keeps pace with increased gambling activity.
  2. Setting the Legal Gambling Age at 21 (S1557): This bill seeks to establish a uniform legal gambling age of 21 across the state of New York. Currently, there is variability in the legal gambling age for different types of gambling activities, and this bill aims to bring consistency by setting the age limit at 21. It addresses concerns about underage gambling and creates clarity regarding the age at which individuals can legally engage in gambling activities.
  3. Mandating Warning Labels on Gambling Advertisements (S1550): Sponsored by Sen. Leroy Comrie, this bill focuses on raising awareness about the risks associated with gambling. It proposes to require gambling advertisements to include warnings about these risks and to prominently display a problem gambling hotline number. By ensuring that individuals are informed about the potential harms of gambling, this bill aims to encourage responsible gambling behavior and provide support for those experiencing gambling-related issues.

These initiatives demonstrate a comprehensive approach to addressing problem gambling and promoting responsible gambling practices in New York. By combining increased funding for treatment and education, setting a consistent legal gambling age, and implementing warning labels on advertisements, the committee aims to raise awareness and mitigate the negative impacts of excessive gambling behavior.

SOURCE: LI Staff (local news services).

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