Spelinspektionen: Game Locations Must Now Be Registered

March 16, 2024 | Government

Strängnäs, Sweden (March 15, 2024) — After 1 July 2023, when changes to the gambling regulation came into force (2023:277), license holders must report gambling sites to the Gambling Inspectorate. Individual gambling sites no longer need to have a license



  • land-based commercial casino gaming,
  • slot machine games,
  • merchandise game,
  • games on ships in international traffic.

In the future, the license only applies to the intended form of play, and gambling venues must therefore now be notified to the Gambling Inspectorate.

Report a new game location

New gaming sites must be notified via a special form. Gambling may not be conducted before the Gambling Inspectorate has carried out a suitability test of the gambling venue and notified the license holder.

Forms for registering game places are available here.

For those applying for a renewed license

For those who apply for a renewed license and have previously received a license for gambling sites, these become registered (if the license application is granted). Notice that gambling sites have been notified is sent by the Gambling Inspectorate.

A registered game site is valid during the license period

A registered gambling site is considered to be registered as long as the license holder has a valid license and all conditions regarding the gambling site are met.

Take a look at the Spelinspektionen’s mailing to license holders, PDF opens in a new window

SOURCE: Spelinspektionen (The Swedish Gaming Authority).