2 More Arkansas Lottery Officials Submit Resignations Following Lottery Director Eric Hagler’s Unexpected Resignation Last Week

April 7, 2024 | Lottery News

ARKANSAS (April 7, 2024) — According to local media reports there have been several resignations within the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, including the director of marketing and advertising, Ashley McNatt, and the director of security and compliance, Justin Webb, effective April 12. These resignations followed the resignation of the executive director, Eric Hagler, on March 28.

The reasons for these resignations are not entirely clear, however, there is mention of potential dissatisfaction with leadership and communication within the organization. Eric Hagler mentioned issues regarding communication and the structure of the lottery agency in emails to department officials.

Additionally, there’s mention of the launch of Jackpot.com, an online lottery platform, which seemed to have caused some discussion within the department. Hagler’s statements regarding the implementation of iLottery and the need for stakeholder engagement indicate potential differences in opinion or strategy within the organization.

State Representative David Ray expressed a desire for innovative and responsible leadership within the lottery.

As for the future of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, the Department of Finance and Administration intends to coordinate with the Governor’s Office to fill the vacant executive director position, but a timeline for this hire has not been established yet.

SOURCE: LI Contributor.

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