AMCA Aims to Enforce Australian Laws Prohibiting the Provision of Gaming Services Without a Domestic License

April 15, 2024 | illegal gambling

CANBERRA, ACT (April 12, 2024) – Australia’s Media and Communications Authority (AMCA) is intensifying efforts to address the issue of offshore operators based in Curaçao offering games of chance to Australian consumers. This move comes as the AMCA aims to enforce Australian laws prohibiting the provision of gaming services without a domestic license. 

Currently, under Australian law, offering gaming services without the appropriate license is illegal. The AMCA has been actively involved in blocking access to illegal gambling websites for Australian players. According to the ‘Curacao Chronicle‘ this has resulted in approximately 950 Curaçao-licensed or -operated websites being blocked. Despite these efforts, the AMCA has faced challenges in engaging with the Curaçao government on this matter.

However, the ‘Chronicle‘ reports recent developments indicate a positive shift in the collaboration between the AMCA and Curaçao authorities. According to an AMCA spokesperson, officials from both agencies have agreed to enhance cooperation to combat illegal gambling activities effectively. 

This change in approach coincides with the establishment of the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (CGCB) and the introduction of a new licensing regime in Curaçao. The new regime aims to establish a more robust regulatory framework for offshore gaming operations. Expected to be implemented in 2024, the CGCB is already accepting license applications under the new regulations. 

The collaboration between the AMCA and Curacao authorities reflects a joint commitment to ensuring compliance with gaming regulations and safeguarding consumers from illegal gambling activities. This partnership is poised to strengthen regulatory oversight and promote responsible gaming practices in both jurisdictions.

SOURCE: Curacao Chronicle.

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