CAIXA Lotteries Launch New Printings and New Names for the Federal Lottery

April 9, 2024 | Lottery News

BRAZIL (April 5, 2024) — CAIXA Lotteries has begun selling tickets with new printings and new names for the Federal Lottery. The Wednesday draws are now called “Quartou!” and the Federal Millionaire is now “Enricou!” Players can now purchase the new tickets at any lottery store in the country.

In addition to the new prints, each type of ticket has an illustration and a standardized print of the prize amounts, the draw date and the draw number. Another novelty is the QR Code, which directs players to the Federal Lottery results page on the CAIXA website. Federal Lottery tickets drawn on Saturdays maintain their current printing pattern.

According to ‘Sector Del Juego‘ The new ticket templates give more visibility to the total prizes on offer and not just the top prize. In addition, the product includes information about the probability of winning a prize in the form of a stamp: “Every 5 tickets 1 winner”, a simple and direct way of informing players that the Federal Lottery is the method that distributes the most prizes.

Drawn every Wednesday, Quartou! offers prizes worth 500,000 reais in a single series. The entire ticket is made up of 10 fractions and costs R$40.00. Each fraction of the ticket costs 4.00 reais.

The Enricou giveaway! It is held once a month and has a prize of 1,350,000.00 reais. Each whole bill, made up of 10 fractions, costs 100.00 reais. Fractions of the ticket are also sold separately and cost R$10.00 each.

The value of the prize is proportional to the number of fractions purchased.

SOURCE: Sector Del Juego.

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