Examination of Action Plans Prevention of Excessive Gambling and Underage Gambling

April 10, 2024 | illegal gambling

Objective Of Reducing the Share Of Excessive Gamblers Which Must Continue For All Gambling Operators

The college of the National Gaming Authority examined the action plans “Prevention of excessive or pathological gambling and gambling by minors” presented by all gambling operators: online and licensed gaming operators. exclusive, 203 casinos and 7 gaming clubs as well as those of the 235 racecourses. On this occasion, the ANJ recalled that reducing the share of excessive gamblers should be a priority for all stakeholders. It also rejected the action plans of 2 casinos and a Parisian gaming circle.

PARIS, France (April 9, 2024) — Since the order of October 2, 2019 reforming the regulation of gambling, which aims to strengthen the level of protection of players , gambling operators must submit each year for approval by the ANJ their action plan to prevent excessive gambling and underage gambling . This obligation is an opportunity for regular dialogue between the regulator and operators and for the ANJ to formulate prescriptions.

Excessive gambling and underage gambling constitute one of the most serious risks affecting the gambling market in France.

  • The Games Observatory estimated 1.4 million players at risk in 2020, including nearly 400,000 at pathological level. [1]

  • Despite the legal ban, gambling by minors is a reality. According to the latest “EnCLASS” 2021 study from the OFDT [2] , 1 in 4 3rd year school students declared having already played a game of money or chance during the year.   The ENJEU-Mineurs [3] study conducted by SEDAP reveals that, in 2021, more than a third of young minors surveyed are gamers (34.8%).

  • The share of (GBP) Gross Gaming Product attributable to problem gamblers represented 38.3% in 2019, including 20.7% for excessive gamblers 4

Action plans for approved and monopoly operators

At the end of this 4th exercise, the overall observation is that the regulation management strategy by objectives assigned to operators correlated with a compliance support policy is profitable, and results in observable results :

  • Significant progress for the entire market from the point of view of preventing excessive gaming: actions to promote awareness (“Gaming Dashboard”, normative “feedback” messages);

  • An increase in protection standards in terms of identification and support for excessive online gamblers which has resulted in an increase in the reported number of gamblers identified and supported thanks to developments in detection systems. The majority of operators have implemented more individualized support measures. Most exclude players identified as most at risk from commercial rewards;

  • Concerning the protection of minors, the entire market displays a standardized logo made available by the ANJ. ​Some online operators have deployed actions to prevent attempts to circumvent the gambling ban applied to minors.

Although substantial progress has been made by gaming operators over the past three years, problem gambling still occupies too large a place in the gambling market. This is why, in its 2024-2026 strategic plan, the ANJ has placed the reduction of excessive gambling and the social damage it causes as well as the protection of minors at the center of its action. In line with this central objective, operators will have to, in 2024, go further to identify a number of excessive players consistent with the size of their player pool and prevalence studies. They will also have to demonstrate operational and measurable results which can be verified by control operations. As such, the following actions must be implemented:

  • Detect and intervene as early as possible and diversify support measures by further adapting them to the level of risk identified (particularly for 18-24 year olds or VIP clients);

  • Apply a risk assessment tool before marketing gaming offers and take ad hoc measures to limit these risks (adapted prevention measures).

For the FDJ and the PMU for their activity under exclusive rights, this will include: 

  • Strengthen the control system at points of sale to ensure compliance with the ban on sales to minors (number of points of sale controlled, sanction regime applicable and representativeness of the points of sale controlled);

  • Propose to the ANJ, before March 30, a new robust system for identifying and supporting excessive or pathological gamblers at points of sale;

Finally, the ANJ expressly reminded operators that due to a 2024 context marked by the holding of two major sporting events (Euro 2024 football and the Paris Olympic Games) and the risk of intensification gambling practices that it induces, they will have to exercise increased vigilance with regard to the prevention of gambling among minors and gambling behavior, particularly among vulnerable people (notably 18-24 year olds).

Action plans for casinos and gaming clubs

In 2023, the sector records a dynamic of 8% compared to 2022, with €2.7 billion in turnover. These results nevertheless cover heterogeneous situations, with 74% of casinos having found a GGR level higher than that of 2019. The level of activity of the 7 Parisian gaming clubs increased by 11% in 2023, with a GGR of €119 million in 2023. The number of entries is increasing with 31 million entries in casinos and 738,000 in gaming clubs.

The examination of the assessments and action plans was analyzed with regard to the priority set by the ANJ in 2023, namely the strengthening of the identification and support of excessive gamblers , in particular through the staff training.

The ANJ noted an even more marked heterogeneity in compliance levels than in 2023. While certain groups or establishments are progressing regularly with the implementation of significant advances, others have changed little since 2021.

Most of the action plans were approved and the ANJ reiterated the requirements for 2023. The action plans of 2 casinos and 1 gaming club were nevertheless rejected.

In order to help casinos implement the obligation to identify and support excessive gamblers, the ANJ sent all establishments a practical guide with examples of concrete solutions and implementation tools. of this obligation, which they can adapt to their own situation.

The action plans of racing companies coordinated by the FNCH (National Horse Racing Federation)

The National Horse Racing Federation supervises 10 Regional Federations and brings together 235 racing companies (hippodromes) in France, mainland France and Overseas. The share of stake generated by racing companies amounted to 0.8% in 2023, or €6.9 million.

The 2024 requirements are essentially identical to the previous year, given their low implementation rate and mainly relate to the identification and support of excessive gamblers, which is very insufficient. Efforts which mainly focus on the information system at the racetrack.

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[1] Problems linked to gambling in France, in 2019, ODJ note n°12, 2020

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SOURCE: l’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ).

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