Poll: 80% of Lithuanians Would Welcome a Ban on Gambling Ads

April 12, 2024 | Advertising

Lithuania (April 12, 20024) — It seems like the proposed ban on gambling ads in Lithuania has garnered significant public support, with 80% of respondents in favor of the move according to the poll commissioned by LRT. The breakdown of support among different demographics provides interesting insights, such as higher approval among women, older residents, and those with higher education and lower income. Conversely, opposition to the ban is more prevalent among men, younger individuals, rural residents, and those with lower levels of education.

The fact that parliament has started considering amendments to the law on gambling suggests that there may be political momentum behind implementing the ban. If adopted, the ban would come into effect by January 1, 2025. This indicates a proactive step by the government to address concerns related to gambling advertising and its potential impact on society, particularly among vulnerable demographics.

Overall, it appears that there is widespread public sentiment in Lithuania supporting stricter regulations on gambling advertisements, reflecting a growing awareness of the potential negative consequences associated with excessive gambling promotion.


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