Unauthorised For-Profit Mahjong Play to be Made Illegal Under New Legislation

April 10, 2024 | Government

MACAU, SAR (April 9,2024) — Anyone found to be operating Mahjong for profits without government approval could face the prospect of being jailed for one year or 240 days of fines, lawmaker Chan Chak Mo has said.

According to the ‘Macau News Agency‘ the legislator who heads the panel currently poring over the bill designed to combat illegal gambling, those found to be engaged in Mahjong games are subject to a fine of MOP1,500 (US$186) to MOP20,000.

Chan was speaking to media after a closed-door meeting for over two hours.

The legislation seeks to broaden the scope of the definition of venues covered by the existing law.

“If a homeowner let out their unit for people to play mahjong on an hourly basis, it would be considered operating with the intention of making a profit without obtaining legal approval,” MNA reported Chan said.

Moreover, under the draft bill, engaging in or facilitating unauthorised online games of chance in the city, regardless of the location of computer systems, devices, or equipment involved, could lead to imprisonment ranging from one to eight years.

Other penalties outlined include a prison term of one to five years for anyone intending to obtain financial benefits for themselves or others by providing funds or any other resource for gambling purposes.

SOURCE: Macau News Agency.

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