Order Subject to Penalty Imposed on Sarah Eternal SRL for Illegal Gambling

May 13, 2024 | illegal gambling

THE HAGUE (May 10, 2024) —  De Kansspelautoriteit (Dutch Gaming Authority (Ksa) imposes a penalty on Sarah Eternal SRL for offering games of chance without a license on the casinosky.com website. Offering games of chance without the required license is prohibited in the Netherlands. If Sarah Eternal does not stop and stop the violation, the company will be fined €280,000 per week, with a maximum of €840,000.

Providers who do not have a license for the Dutch market must do everything they can to ensure that Dutch players cannot come to them to gamble, for example by setting up an IP block. Inspectors from the Ksa could indeed go to the casinosky.com website of provider Sarah Eternal to create an account, make a deposit and participate in illegal games of chance. This was also possible if the account clearly stated that the player was from the Netherlands. That is why the Ksa has now imposed an order subject to penalty.

The Netherlands has a regulated gaming market to better protect players. The Ksa therefore takes tough action against illegal offers. Illegal supply is often quickly stopped with an order subject to a penalty.

SOURCE: De Kansspelautoriteit.

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