Romania is Threatening Gambling Providers with License Revocation in the Fight Against Gambling Addiction

May 5, 2024 | Gambling

ROMANIA (May 2, 2024) — According to local media reports Romania wants to combat rampant gambling addiction and is taking drastic measures. The government of Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu has now completely banned slot machines in small towns and is threatening providers with license revocation.

The corresponding law, which prohibits the installation of slot machines in communities with fewer than 15,000 inhabitants, came into force on Monday.

During a cabinet meeting on Tuesday (April 30), Romania’s Social Democratic prime minister announced that the government would now begin enforcing the new law banning gambling in small towns.

“If they do not relocate their equipment in a timely manner, their license will be revoked immediately. Our goal is to quickly rid 90 percent of the country’s towns of these establishments,” said Ciolacu (PSD).

He also stressed the need to revise gambling laws for the remaining ten percent of places not covered by the current law.

It also imposes heavy fines of 100,000 lei (20,096 euros) to 200,000 lei (40,190 euros) for gambling operators if minors gain access to their facilities. If this occurs again, this will result in the suspension and ultimately the revocation of the license.

These legal changes were proposed in response to the proliferation of gambling networks and the alarming rates of gambling addiction among Romanians.

While there are no harmonized gambling regulations at EU level, some Member States have recently taken action against gambling advertising.

Last year, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands introduced a ban on gambling advertising. Other European countries have imposed some restrictions, particularly with regard to minors.

SOURCE: Euractiv.

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