Vermantia Platform – A Success Story from Europe to the World

May 17, 2024 | Government

Attica Greece (May 17, 2024) — Vermantia’s Aggregator Platform has earned numerous awards, establishing itself as an essential tool for retail operators. This unique platform seamlessly integrates diverse content with top-quality channels, offering retail operators a comprehensive solution through a single integration.

Vermantia, a pioneering technology company revolutionizing the betting industry, offers a bespoke approach. It boasts a unique multi-vendor, multi-content platform delivering exclusive Virtual Sports Channels, premium international Live Sports, and Racing events, all accessible through a single API and Universal Scheduler. With an abundance of data, odds, and videos spanning multiple virtual games, live sports, racing, and information services, Vermantia ensures seamless integration with any bet acceptance system. Flexible delivery options include satellite broadcasting, ultra-low latency streaming, and in-shop retail rendering solutions.

Content providers benefit from an API enabling them to deploy their entire product portfolio with a single integration. Meanwhile, operators gain access to, combine, and schedule top-quality content from various vendors and product verticals through a unified integration. Vermantia’s platform features robust logging, reporting, and financial monitoring capabilities, reflecting its commitment to customer and partner satisfaction through continuous technological advancements tailored to meet operators’ needs for superior content and performance.

This innovative Aggregator Platform has captured the attention of tier-one operators across Greece, Italy, the UK, and beyond. Operators leverage the platform to produce and manage top-tier channels, including Virtual Games Channels, Live Racing, and Live Sport Channels, customizing them to their specific requirements. Vermantia’s platform solutions offer full flexibility, combining distribution, digital signage, and content management tailored to each customer’s infrastructure.

Operators integrating Vermantia’s platform gain a competitive edge by enriching their live racing, sports, and virtual channels with diverse, high-quality content through a single integration, a universal scheduler, and robust reporting capabilities. In markets like Greece and Italy, partners now command over 50% of the market share, solidifying their leadership position in the industry.

Vermantia plays a crucial role in distributing content to retail operators, driving the development of innovative and engaging solutions. In the rapidly expanding retail market, access to seamless technological solutions gives operators a proven advantage, resulting in significant market share growth.

SOURCE: Vermantia.

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