Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission Publishes Special Manager’s Report

May 1, 2024 | Casinos

This announcement coincides with the Commission’s publication of the final report outlining the Special Manager’s findings that Crown Melbourne has addressed the systemic failings identified by the Royal Commission.

As outlined in the Commission’s announcement on Crown Melbourne’s suitability to hold the casino licence, the Special Manager’s final report provides critical evidence of Crown Melbourne’s transformation and was instrumental in informing the Commission’s decision that Crown Melbourne is suitable to continue operating the Melbourne Casino.

In the interest of public transparency, the Commission, in consultation with the Minister, has determined to publish the Special Manager’s final report on the VGCCC website.

Read the Special Manager’s Final Report.

Read the Special Manager’s Final Report – Appendices.

Note: The report itself is published substantively in full, with a limited number of redactions regarding:

  • the detail and operation of Crown’s anti-money laundering processes and controls, which, if publicly known, might assist persons to circumvent being identified as high-risk customers;
  • limited redactions in ‘Appendix B – OSM stakeholder engagement from 1 July to 31 December 2023’ related to an enquiry to the OSM by a former Crown employee, on privacy grounds;
  • all content in ‘Appendix G – Summary of discussions with Crown employees and managers’, which was obtained from Crown employees subject to assurances of confidentiality, and which, due to small sample size, may potentially identify individuals; and
  • all content in ‘Appendix 1 – Crown documents’, which contains commercial-in-confidence and legally privileged information.

SOURCE: Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission.

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