Spelinspektionen Campaign Aimed at Young Players

June 6, 2024 | Government

SWEDEN (June 5, 2024) — On June 3, the Spelinspektionen’s campaign “With your future as a bet” started, which talks about the consequences of gambling for money and is aimed at young adults, 18-25 years old.

In the campaign, we use language that is straight and concrete with a focus on unhealthy and risky gambling. In order to reach young people, our campaign will appear in the digital channels where young people are found. In combination with the campaign, we also have a website at spelinspektionen.se where you can find more information about young people’s gambling and where to turn for help.

– Many come into contact with some form of gambling for money via computer games and apps. Through the campaign, we try to talk about the consequences of unhealthy gambling in an emotional way. We believe that the campaign will also be able to speak to adults, especially parents or relatives of children in the target group, says Yvonne Hejdenberg, head of communications at Spelinspektionen.

Starting to gamble for money early increases the risk of gambling problems later in life. Therefore, the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate cooperates with the Public Health Agency and the Swedish Crown Prosecutor in the campaign to counteract the negative consequences of gambling for money among young people.


SOURCE: Spelinspektionen.