RFP: Website Implementation -IGT Indiana On Behalf of the Hoosier Lottery

February 17, 2024 |

Organization: Hoosier Lottery (www.hoosierlottery.com),

Solicitation Type: Request For Information (RFP).

Solicitation Name: Website Implementation

Solicitation Number: N/A

Date Issued: May 13, 2024

Proposal Due: July 12, 2024 Noon ET

Summary: The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to select a firm that can satisfy the Hoosier Lottery’s need for a partner that can provide services to design and develop the Hoosier Lottery’s website (www.hoosierlottery.com). The selected firm will enter into
negotiations with IGT Indiana, LLC, (“IGT”) to develop a contractual relationship.

Under the supervision of the Lottery, the partner will be expected to provide services to define, develop, and deploy a new website using and implementing Kentico EMS (“CMS”). The partner will analyze the current website, website users, stakeholders, and functional documentation to define an interactive and engaging website. Development will include:

1. Front-end design
2. Website content strategy and production
3. Back-end development for custom applications
4. Custom integrations

The partner will then be expected to implement the new website including:

1. QA Deployment, testing and validation
2. End-user training of custom applications
3. Deployment and go live
4. Maintenance

The intent is for the website to go live by as soon as the vendor is able to do so.

The intent is that this partner would both create the new website, but also continue to support all website maintenance, enhancements and necessary projects for promotions.

See/ Download Hoosier Lottery Website RFP (May 13, 2024)